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Erika cutting metal in the studio.

"Body adornment is one of the most time enduring and artful forms of self-expression. Choosing a piece of jewelry is a very personal experience, the chosen piece must nearly speak to the wearer. My intention when designing a piece is directly connected to my aesthetic, taste & style. During my design process and metal working there is a similar intimate exchange between the piece and myself as the designer.

I love the qualities of metal and the process of creating with metal. Ultimately, I strive for each piece to challenge the senses, achieve a fluidity which I believe happens by a combination of designing a sculptural form and embellishing the surface with beautiful finishes and texture. The use of materials other than metal also receive great consideration, such as; fabric, leather, plastics and stones. I hand select each stone based on its interest as an object. I try to achieve a harmony between form, texture and scale which are intended to create pieces that are complicated yet simple.

Inspiration for my jewelry comes from both organic and architectural forms. My background in architecture influences the idea of cleanliness of a line in streamlined architectural forms. Organic and floral motifs are inspired by the Hungarian embroidery of my childhood. I strive for what is in-between the two positions; contrasting use of architectural elements with floral and organic patterns." Erika Mihaly Simon

Erika Simon's profile.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to Washington DC when I was 13 with my mother who worked for the Hungarian attache. I grew up travelling throughout Europe and in college studied in Germany and Italy majoring in Art History and Archaeology. My love for artifacts led me to participate in two archaeological digs in Nigeria. Since childhood I always dreamed of creating things and went on to study design at Pratt Institute in New York.

For 10 years I worked as an interior architect designing hotels, offices and residential spaces. Throughout my young adulthood I collected jewelry but did not start designing them until I moved to the Pacific Northwest and had my two children. My exposure to artifacts and appreciation of different culture's treasures started me on my path of jewelry design. Misty Metal by Erika Simon was launched in 2011 forming a collection of modern metal jewelry designs.

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