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Oxidized silver and rainbow moonstone earrings, texturized earrings, ruztic gold druzy and silver earrings

Blue Moon Earrings

"Blue Moon Earrings" - this piece fits wonderfully in my crusty heaven&earth collection..oxidized reticulated and fused sterling silver moon shaped earrings with large faceted rainbow moonstone gems.

Earwires are hand formed of Argentium silver. I use Argentium because it is a purer silver than sterling silver (perfect for folks with Nickel allergies) and keeps it's shine longer. Total earring length is approx. 2 1/2" long.

These earrings are custom made for you upon placing your order. Each pair will be slightly different and completely unique!

Handcrafted in my sweet Georgia studio. Your jewelry will come beautifully gift wrapped in an elegant jewelry box with a luxurious gross grain ribbon.

Please feel free to contact me about any questions you may have. Thanks for browsing my shop!

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Reticulation is done with a torch and is a process by which metal is made to draw itself into ridges and valleys, creating a unique texture. No two pieces of reticulation are the same and even within the same piece a pattern can be very regular but will never have a true repeat.

*What is Argentium?
Argentium Silver is the brand name patented and trademarked by the Argentium Silver Company in the United Kingdom. This modern version of sterling silver contains more pure silver than its traditional counterpart, and its unique combination of metals gives it a natural brightness that makes it outshine gold, platinum and traditional sterling silver. With a tarnish-resistant, durable finish that is free of any plating, Argentium won’t chip or crack. A perfect choice for those who are unable to wear traditional sterling silver.


Materials: Moonstone, Silver

USD $115.00

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